Get a Chook on your Table. FEED! the family.

Chickens, resting in buttermilk, massaged with our signature herbal blend before being roasted over charcoal. Take a bite, the delicate BBQ’d skin, encasing juicy sumptuous meat.


Rotisserie Roasted Chickens.

Our recipes are inspired by Australia’s favourite way to eat roast chicken. Marinated in buttermilk then seasoned with our fragrant Chicken BBQ blend then cooked over hot charcoal. Resulting in crispy smokey skin and juicy tender meat that falls off the bone. Great family meal value, solo temptations and gang feeds.

Cluckin' Hot Chicken

Nashville Hot Chicken.

Chicken marinated in spiked buttermilk then coated in a spicy crispy batter smothered in our seriously spicy dry sauce created with imported cayenne pepper, ghost chilli and Thai chilli powders. As a result you can choose your spice level – firstly starting with MILD and lastly going all the way to INSANE but please be careful it’s CLUCKIN’ hot!. Nashville Chicken is HOT!


Co-Created and Tested by Expat Koreans

Korean Fried Chicken

Crispy buttermilk marinated chicken and then smothered on our Korean BBQ sauces highlighting fresh herbs, spices and imported fermented Korean pastes and chilli sauces. Because of this our Korean Sauces are hot .. infused with fresh chillies, ginger and fermented Korean pastes.

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OG Crispy Fried Chicken.

Our buttermilk chicken is hand-coated in our house cajun spice and flour blend to create a crispy coating that is not chewy or tough … fried on order results in juicy hot meat … our house cajun blend is bursting with flavour … 

Crispy. Juicy. Flavour Bomb.


Quality Australian wines by the glass or bottle.


Freshly Ground Coffee ... long black anybody?


Retro cocktails made generous pours.

Planted Options

Plant-based Options available. Please ask our team.


We use Ghost Chilli and Carolina Reaper Chillies in our Nashville Level 4 and 5 - Beware.


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About Us

Get some Chook on your Fork and FEED!.

We are the food powerhouse behind Devilish. With a focus on meat centric dishes from Australia and USA we now bring you great new twists on BBQ Rotisserie Chicken, OG Cajun Crispy Chicken, Nashville Chicken and Korean Chicken.

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